April 26, 2009

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April 9, 2009

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April 8, 2009

Basically this blog is for inspiration. Inspiration to start L O V I N G yourself! We live too short to spend half of our time worrying about how our body looks, how it isn’t right, or perfect. How our noses have bumps or slopes, or that ever occasional birthmark. Boy, Man, Women, Girl, Cat, Fish, and even Spiders need to be expressed with their full beauty. I’m tired of too many people saying negative feedback to people.
I’ve had and have known many many people with eating disorders, guys too, and it hurts me. I think there is something unique and gorgeous about all of us, and I want to see it. The world does.

        So here what this blog ISN’T:

  •  It’s not to put up naked pictures of yourself.
  •  It is NOT a place to look for “thin-spo” 
    (People who look and take pictures of skinner girls to give them hope of being 30 pounds)
  • It is not to feel lesser of beauty about yourself


What to Do:

  1. Upload a picture of something that makes you self-conscious or that did and you love it now.
    (Ex. Freckles, Eyebrows, Facial Hair, Eyes, Lips, Tummys, Ears, etc.)
    Please refrain from sending me your private parts..
    ..unless you are creative enough to show it WITHOUT showing it.
    Catch on? haha. 
  2. Put a heart around it, on it, whatever YOU want. You can even be more creative with it, to show the love. 
  3. The size should be about 600×400, Jpg, Png, GIF (usually makes pictures pixel-y though).
  4. Send the File or actual picture to: Batcookiee@aol.com 
  5. Then every Sunday (I will /try/ to make it every Sunday!) I will pick 10 pictures that will be featured. 

Thank you SO much if anyone sends in pictures and actually listens to me. I want to make this into a revolution.